University of Notre Dame Press (2006)


Just finished Steven Barr's "Modern Physics and Ancient Faith." It's a very interesting book. Reading it was like tagging along to a "Bring Your Catholic Friend to Work" Day at a particle physics lab. Barr loves physics and it shows. The result is a very good but somewhat involved book that is not for the slight-of-heart. Don't let this scare you off. The book is understandable for anyone young adult or adult who knows very little about physics. Dr. Barr takes the time to explain things from the ground up. He also takes the time to explain his position for those more advanced in physics as well. Thankfully, Dr. Barr alerts the reader when such sections will come up so that the beginner can skip them.

He very briefly addressees hotbutton topics (like the creation narrative in Genesis 1, Galileo, and the like) but that is not his main focus. Instead, his main aim is so that Science and Faith are not incompatible. Without sliding off into extremes like Intellegent Design or Scientism, Dr. Barr shows that several expects of physics are quite compatible with Catholicism when properly understood.

I recommend this book as a valuable resources, but I'm not sure exactly how it would fit in one's everyday homeschooling or suplimental instruction. It may be good for parents to read and use aspects of it in their instructions or it could be fitting for a High School student who love science.

BTW - I loved Dr. Barr's appearance on Catholic Answers Live a while ago. He's kind of a no-nonsence, down-to-earth well-grounded Catholic scientist who isn't affraid to politely tell people they're wrong.

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