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Welcome to Gary Michuta's "Hands On Apologetics" website. This website is part of Gary's commitment to help Catholics better understand, defend, and explain their Catholic Faith with others and to be an outreach to non-Catholics. Gary's books and talks invites participants to become more actively engaged in their Faith and to better know and love Our Lord. The material and resources found on this website will help further that goal, whether it is about atheism, the Deuterocanon, the Virgin Mary, or "How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids," it is all here. Enjoy!

If you would like to contact Gary Michuta, you can reach him at Gary@HandsOnApologetics.com

Latest News

July 11, 2017

Al Kresta and Wolf-Proofing Your Kids

Gary was on Kresta in the Afternoon (AMR / EWTN) to talk about how to protect your children and your loved ones from "sheep stealers." Click HERE to listen to the interview.

July 10, 2017

St. Monica Support Group Meeting Tonight

The St. Monica support group is for any Catholic who has had a loved one leave the Church and would like additional support and advice on how to invite them back.The group will meet at St. Michael Catholic Church in Livonia.in the upstairs convent.dinning room at 7PM. We'd love to have you..

June. 30, 2017

Attention High School and Middle-School Homeschoolers

Catholic Homeschool Connections' new Fall Class lists are out. If your child would like to learn how to explain and defend the faith, Gary is teaching the following online classes for Middle-school and High School level students:

Intro Pseudo-Christian Apologetics: Jehovah's Witnesses (HS - Start Oct 18th)

Hostile Witnesses: What the Enemies of the Church Tell Us About Jesus (HS - Start Sept 14th)

Dispelling Historical Distortions, Part One: The Crusades, the Inquisition, Slavery (HS- Start Sept 6th)

Middle School Baltimore Catechism #3 (MS - Start Sept 14th)

Middle School Beginning Apologetics (MS - Start Sept 11th)